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Long Term Growth.

Ideas and sales are nothing without the right team to execute them.

We are a headhunting firm that focuses on intermediate to senior level searches in specialized industries within Canada. We enjoy working with clients who have a concise vision for the growth of their business.

We’re committed to learning about our clients' businesses to the core, understanding their company cultures and ensuring that the candidates we introduce align with those specifics. We speak with highly qualified candidates, pursuing talent from like organizations.

FUEL Recruiters takes an active approach in our recruitment process, by contacting candidates directly and not waiting to receive resumes through job advertisements. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your recruitment strategy and allow us to outline how we can help you achieve your hiring goals.

More About FUEL Recruiters

The Right Candidates The First Time

Our commitment to learn about our clients’ businesses to the core, understand their company cultures and ensure that the candidates we introduce align with those specifics is what makes our agency unique.

Promote Your Company As A Top Employer

The best organizations get the best talent. Here, your dedicated account manager gets to know your business inside and out, sells your attributes as an employer, and handles the acquisition process from A to Z without handing roles off to less informed talent researchers or openers.

We're Relationship Driven

We have highly established networks and a very strong recruitment process that allows us to present the right opportunities to the right individuals. We are very well known for becoming our client's number one choice for their recruitment efforts! 90% of our clients are repeat customers.

Control HR Costs When Filling Difficult Positions

It’s hard to measure and manage internal hiring expenses - especially for hard to fill positions. Our flexible fee structure allows you to set a flat rate for your toughest roles without worrying about internal overhead, allowing your team to focus on management priorities instead.

Reduce Employee Churn

We place candidates in careers that challenge them to continue to grow and improve their livelihoods for the long term.

We Get To The Bottom Of It

We are expert conversationalists and can speak to all technical job requirements with ease. We’re approachable and have a knack for getting employers and candidates to open up, be themselves, and articulate exactly what they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I work with FUEL Recruiters?
If you're interested in working with us simply reach out by letting us know what type of talent you require. We’ll get in touch within 1 business day.
What industries does FUEL Recruiters recruit in?
Our detailed on-boarding and proven methodology allows us to create a targeted hiring strategy for any industry. The industries we recruit in most often are construction and restoration, electrical and mechanical, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, manufacturing and logistics, and IT.
How does FUEL Recruiters add value?
Recruiting is an outward-facing, strategic exercise where the hiring company is competing to attract the best people. It’s actually closer to sales and marketing than it is to human resources, placing a heavy focus on strategy, targeting, qualifying, building enthusiasm and setting meetings. We have extensive experience in these areas.

HR is an internal function focused on employee development, management, creating policies and procedures; maintaining regulatory compliance, and; the administration of payroll, benefits and employee records. Commonly, HR professionals excel at these functions but struggle to aggressively compete for top candidates (if they do it at all) because the profession tends to attract rule-oriented empaths, not bold outreach experts devoted to recruitment.

Managing job boards internally is a passive approach that takes 6 to 10 times longer to find acceptable candidates. Hard to fill positions can be filled much faster by taking an active headhunter approach, going after those candidates who may not already be looking for a position.

We actively approach the right talent for the positions you ask us to. All of our recruitment managers manage their recruitment desk directly, learning your business in detail, and advocating for your organization.

Many recruitment firms work with account managers and candidate researchers separately, leaving a knowledge gap between the account manager and the person who is actually reaching out to candidates. At FUEL Recruiters we effectively attract the best candidates because our recruitment managers take a hands-on, holistic approach.
How does FUEL Recruiters find talent?
We take our clients through a detailed onboarding process where we drill-down and fine-tune exactly what they are looking for - no outdated copy/paste job descriptions! Every business is different and we are committed to solving niche problems with highly-specific resourcing solutions.

We have an extensive database of pre-screened candidates that we can draw from. However, our recruiters take an active approach to seek out qualified candidates through a variety of mediums online and off.
How long does it take FUEL Recruiters to deliver candidates?
We can deliver the first short-listed candidates for most roles within two weeks of beginning your search.

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