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Our Proven Methodology and 94% Placement Rate in 2019 Sets us Apart. We are a headhunting firm that focuses on intermediate to senior level searches in specialized industries within Canada. We actively recruit by contacting ideal candidates (who may or may not be job searching) directly, without waiting to receive resumes through job advertisements.

When it comes to talent acquisition, selectivity is paramount. Settling for employees that are “close enough to a fit” results in ballooning costs from churn, poor performance, excessive training, and rehiring. That’s why we take an extremely targeted approach to recruitment and deliver exceptional candidates most businesses struggle to find.

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6 Reasons To Work
With FUEL Recruiters

Quality Candidates Only

We present long term career motivated individuals who are highly technically skilled. We hunt for experienced candidates with long tenures in previous positions. We prioritize individuals who are serious about moving forward within their careers. Skip the long drawn-out interview process and instead, receive candidates who accept job offers at the presented salary range (often no going back and forth)! At FUEL Recruiters we deliver best in class top performers

Speed - Hire 10X Faster

EVERY recruiter at FUEL Recruiters has a professional SALES background, a skill set that is completely different than a typical HR professional’s. They also have established relationships with a broad talent pool from having at least 5 years of management experience in the industries they serve. Our average placement speed is within 2-3 weeks!

VERY High Acceptance Rates

We consistently increase offer acceptance rates to 94% for our clients. That’s more than triple the national average. We do this by ensuring your job offers are competitive, weeding out issues early during the screening process, and conducting counter-offer consulting which discourages them from coming up in the first place. We prioritize being clear and consistent about the job, communicating with candidates effectively, and optimizing your candidate experience with continuous follow up.

Long Term Placements

Nearly one-third of all new hires quit their jobs within the first six months if not hunted and on-boarded properly. We prevent this by interviewing for and selecting the right cultural fit, conducting personality assessments, engaging in career-planning conversations, developing deeper relationships with candidates and asking the right questions employers can't ask. We also coaching your company through new employee onboarding before the hiring process to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Large and Reliable Network

We have access to a wide-variety of candidates and employees currently working in multiple industries, which include Manufacturing, Supply Chain/Distribution, Logistics, Construction, Food and Beverage Processing, Travel, Marketing and Advertising, IT & AI, and Retail. Our network consists of over 15,000 top professionals throughout our specialty industries.

Deep Industry Expertise

How many times have you worked with external recruiters just to discover that when it comes to filling your more technical roles, they just don't "get it"? All of our recruiters have worked within their respective verticals for over 5 years and deeply understand the nuances of hiring for complex roles within them.


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We provide a 90 day guarantee for any candidate on a signed offer for a replacement.